I have been hunting with  Tau-Nkwe Safaris 4 times.

In August 2013 I got a Zebra, a Nyala, a Warthog, a Bushbuck and a Red Hartebeest.

In June 2014 I got a Black Wildebeest, a Common Rietbok and a Springbok Grand Slam in 3 hours and 10 minutes with him and Willie Nel and two Blesbucks.

In June 2015 I got a female Duiker with horns, a Waterbuck, a Fallow Deer, an Impala and a Mountain Reedbuck.

In June 2017 I got a Blue Wildebeest and a Roan, a White Blesbuck, a Duiker, a male and a female Steenbuck.

It is always  great to hunt with  Tau-Nkwe Safaris. Some of the trophies were hard to get but we did not give in. I appreciate very much hunting with  Tau-Nkwe Safaris. Hope I will be able to be back in 2018.

Alice Ovstebo / Norway

I have been 5 times on hunting safari in Saut Africa and Benno.

The last 2 I have been with Tau-Nkwe Safaris and Benno

It has been some of the best hunt I’ve been to

The hunt was very good, and we were well pleased, it was of high standard.

The number of wild animals has been more than I thought beforehand, there was so much to choose from.

So I can recommens the warmes Tau- Nkwe Safaris.

Arvid Mjølkeråen / Norway

Sorry for the late answer. But as you know, I am a very busy man 😉

Here is what I think of Tau Nkwe and Benno Liebenberg;

I can’t find anything bad to say about Tau Nkwe Safaris and the outiftter that is Benno Liebenberg. He and his family will do everything possible to make your stay and hunt as perfect as can be. If you want luxury in a 5 star lodge or retreat in some undiscovered part of the bush. Benno will not only find that place you imagined in your dreams, he will make sure that the type of game you are looking for will be there and will surpass your expectations. From the pick up at the airport to the drop off afterwards, everything will be as wished for. I can only recommend him as one of the best independent and trust worthy outfitters In South Africa and beyond.


Frank Siedentopf / Account manager - Laroy Group

I met Benno with Tau Nkwe Safaris & Tours back in 2012. He helped me through a bad experience with an individual that portrait himself as an outfitter and guide. My friend and I were surrounded by local police while on our way to the airport and taken back to the concession we hunted on. We honestly felt we were never going to get out of Africa.

I’m telling you this because I’m sure allot of you want to go and hunt in Africa but are afraid of this exact situation. I’m writing this so obviously we made it home. Benno helped us get our trophies but honestly still left a bad taste in my mouth. It took me 8 years to finally make the trip back. My wife and I planned an 18  day trip of hunting and touring and once we landed and were picked up by Benno and his wife Eileen were knew this was real. We were fed and put up in Johannesburg for the evening then off to the concession the next morning. We arrived and were amazed at the lodge, accommodations and the actual appearance of land and the beauty we had just arrived at and would be spending the next week at.

The food and service far exceeded our expectations and we felt like a king and queen with the way we were treated. We proceeded to the range to make sure the guns were sighted in then off hunting we went. The animals and spot and stock hunting were unbelievable, and our tracker Sam was incredible. The quality of animals more than exceeded my expectations. I ended up taking a black wildebeest, gemsbok both common and a gold, an eland, zebra, nyala, copper springbuck and a gold wildebeest. It was truly amazing day after day out for a hunt back to the lodge for brunch and most of the time a swim and relaxation then a plan for the evening.

The tranquility and beauty of animals coming in while eating or in the pool, the sunsets and the complete ability to forget about everything that was on our plates or in our minds before arriving in Africa had completely left our minds. It was sad to leave the hunting concession but we were off to pick up Benno’s wife and continue on our tour which had us seeing every animal you could ever dream of seeing right from hyena to the massive elephants and of course we did get to ride an elephant as well. I can’t tell you enough on how incredible and unbelievably our trip was and can’t Bragg enough on how Benno and Tau Nkwe Hunting Safaris&Tours treated us.

If you’re thinking on taking hunting or touring Africa off your bucket list this is the company to book with. I’d love to share my pics with those wanting to see quality and beautiful pics. Please don’t hesitate to contact me at ccdmcm@telusplanet.net I’d be happy to share my stories with you. PS I’m heading back next year again.

Cavan McMullan / Canada