Ever dreamed of an African Safari? Make that big dream come true in the heart of Limpopo Province,  Waterberg Mountains ,Modimolle. Join us on a trophy hunting safari you will never forget.Ever dreamed of an African Safari? Make that big dream come true in the heart of Limpopo Province,  Waterberg Mountains ,Modimolle. Join us on a trophy hunting safari you will never forget.


The original name Modimolle either means Place of the Spirits, or according to some, “The Spirits have eaten”, apparently after some custom of an old local tribe who sacrificed humans to the ancestors by throwing the victims off a cliff of Kranskop (meaning “Cliff Hill”).

The first Europeans to travel in this area belonged to a religious zealot group called the Jerusalem Trekkers, who wished to migrate to the Christian Holy Land. A nearby hill which looks a bit like a pyramid was mistaken for one in Egypt, and they thought the little river in the area that was flowing north and called

Maghaliquain or MaghaHquain, was the Nile River, and called their settlement Nylstroom (meaning Nile Stream) [see eg. Aspects of Nature in Different Lands and Different Climates By Alexander von Humboldt, David M Knight; Scientific Travellers 1790-1877].

The first town was laid out in 1866 on the farm Rietvallei, owned by Ernest Collins. The original western town was called Nylstroom but in 2002 it was renamed to Modimolle.

During the Anglo-Boer War (1899-1902), in 1901, a concentration camp was established in Nylstroom. About 550 women and children died in this camp.

The second-last Prime Minister of the Union of South Africa, JG Strydom, practiced law in Nylstroom, and was involved in politics from the 1920s until 1958, when he died as Prime Minister


Tau-Nkwe Safaris is also your introduction to the true African bushveld in all its harshness and beauty. Here you step into a world where the lifestyle is in pace with the rhythm of nature.

Everything  slows down and one becomes aware of ones own primitive needs. The hunting instinct comes alive and is able to follow its natural course : tracking, shooting and celebrating the hunt.

Your South African safari starts on arrival at Oliver Tambo International Airport, where your Outfitter/Professional Hunter will meet you and transport you to one of the lodges. From the time you arrive until the end of the your safari, your travel arrangements will be taken care of.

For our client’s convenience, air charter flights can be arranged for your own account.

Temperatures during the February to October hunting season are generally hot during the day and cold at night. A large variety of Flora is found in the African bush, ranging from big Baobab trees to patches of thick thorny undergrowth. Please pack safari type clothes as to blend in with you environment, as well as ankle high boots to guard you  your clothes, greenish colors as well as camaste are important for preventing for snake bites as well for tick bites.

Fabric must be thick enough to protect you against thorns and branches. Warm clothing for the colder mornings and evenings is essential. It is advisable that anti-malaria tablets be taken 14

days prior to your arrival and continued during, and after you leave. Speak to your doctor before visiting South Africa. Insect repellent products are essential for  ticks. Don’t forget the sunscreen for that harsh African sun.


We recommend you bring your own rifle and ammunition. For plain game a .243-300 Magnum or similar calibers should be used and it will depend on the area the hunt will take place. The minimum caliber required for the Big Five is a.375 Magnum .

Tau-Nkwe Safaris caters for bow and handgun hunters. Handguns used in the African bush are the .44 Magnum and the .454 Casual revolvers or the single shot Contenders.

Entertainment & Places of Interest:

  • White Lion Breeding Farm, Crocodile Farm.
  • Golf, Entabeni Big 5 viewing, Bird viewing can all be arranged, but some would need prior notification to ensure bookings are confirmed.
  • Special requests welcome.
  • Day trip to Pilansberg Nature Conservation Park (Big Five)
  • Elephant Rides at Bela Bela.

Accommodation and Catering

The Safari Lodge consist of comfortable, luxury brick chalets that are in harmony with the bush veld and its surroundings. Eileen, your safari hostess, are expert cooks and will treat you to mouth-watering game dishes as well as traditional South African cuisine. All of this is served with price-winning South-African wines and beer.